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Antispam Policy


1. Anti-Spam Policy

1.1. Spam is commercial email or unsolicited bulk email, including "junk mail", which has not been requested by the recipient. It is intrusive and often irrelevant or offensive, and it wastes valuable resources. Inappropriate newsgroup activities, consisting of excessive posting of the same materials to several newsgroups, are also deemed to be spam.

1.2. We don't tolerate SPAM or any type of UCE in our company.

1.3. We forbid unsolicited emails of any kind in connection with the marketing of the services provided by web-platform.

1.4. If any law enforcement agency, internet provider, web hosting provider or other person or entity provide us with notice that you may have engaged in transmission of unsolicited emails or may have engaged in otherwise unlawful conduct or conduct in violation of an internet service provider's terms of service, or any such policies or regulations, we will reserve the right to cooperate in any investigation relating to your activities including disclosure of your account information.

1.5 If you didn't receive a letter from the Website, please don't forget to check your Spam folder because some email services may mark our email as Spam.


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